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    Welcome to the International Dental Institute – Forever Learning (IDIFL), co-founded by Drs. Bruder and Kuttler who bring over 56 years of combined full time experience in academia. IDIFL is proud to extend an invitation to dental teams for comprehensive training programs focused on patient care and solutions to oral health care challenges encountered in todays dental practice.

  • Sergio Kuttler, D.D.S.

    CEO / President

    Mexican Board of Endodontics


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  • George A. Bruder, D.M.D.

    CFO / Director

    American Board of Endodontics


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Our Courses

  • “Restoring the Endodontically Treated Tooth: From the Apex to the Crown”

    Friday, June 2nd & Saturday, June 3rd

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  • “Leading – Edge Endodontics: Planning for the final restoration from the beginning…” Part I

    Friday, July 14th & Saturday, July 15th

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  • “The Golden Era of Root Canal Treatment” and “Scientifically Proven 3D Obturation in Endodontic Therapy”

    Friday, August 18th & Saturday, August 19th

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  • “Touch The Future Today: APP Based Technology With Gold Metallurgy”

    Friday, September 29th & Saturday, September 30th

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